Relationships are key to our business; we are privileged to have a number of long term advisers who have worked with the founders of our business for many years. Our role is to add value to your service. We do not compete, we are not advisers, nor do we ever seek to intrude on the special relationship advisers have with their clients.

Professional advisers, be they restricted or independent, are tasked with not only offering their clients a more rounded service today than ever before but are also expected to be masters of all things financial. Unfortunately, as well as there only being a limited number of hours in the working day it is unrealistic to expect advisers with detailed wealth planning knowledge to also be expert investment analysts and to be able to undertake suitable due diligence in regard to their investment choices.

This is where CAM can work with, and assist, advisers. We employ a robust bottom up value investing methodology and are well known for our selection abilities. Coupled with our differentiating portfolio services, our willingness to work with clients’ large and small and our friendly and open attitude to relationships Cadogan can really add value to the adviser proposition.

Model Portfolio Service

Seven standard model portfolios covering the entire risk range of our preferred profiling tool, FinaMetrica, all mapped to a clients attitude to risk and capacity for loss. Our Model Portfolio service allows you to recommend us with confidence, knowing that we do not offer a one size fits all proposition, but tailor the investment process to the clients’ attitude and understanding of risk – so important for both our businesses. A standardised investment process, rather than standardised investments.

Bespoke Portfolio Service

Sometimes clients need a little more than a model, they may have greater needs or more complicated requirements and our bespoke service can offer this. Portfolios for IHT, for multi jurisdiction tax planning, for generational wealth preservation as well as offshore bond and high value pensions all fall within the bespoke remit. Our investment processes doesn’t change, it just becomes more tailored.

Platform Portfolios

We work with many of the platform providers, offering you the Adviser the opportunity to allocate clients directly from your existing technology.

Investment Process

We ensure all new clients under-go our on-boarding process that includes, separate to the professional adviser findings, a risk assessment using the FinaMetrica system which allows us to grade a clients’ attitude to risk alongside their capacity for loss. We also require various applications and agreements signed by the client at this stage.

All clients are provided with details of our services, copies of our Terms of Business, a Statement of Charges together with Risk Warnings and Policy Statements at the point of on-boarding.

We align a client’s portfolio to that which is best suited with their risk score and capacity for loss responses. The portfolio will have been constructed using FinaMetrica profiling, to ensure a suitable risk match, on a grade of one through seven. In the event that our profiling contradicts with the professional adviser (or the clients understanding of where they should be aligned) we discuss with the Adviser (and client as appropriate) the results, and in conjunction with one or both parties concerned establish the most suitable portfolio.

Linking through this website professional advisers have the capability to view one or all of their clients investments with us and to offer their clients individual log-ins if appropriate. Accounts can be viewed in real time and contract notes, statements and valuations can be extracted.

Other Professional Relationships

Many of our existing clients have been referred to us from their accountants and solicitors. We have a long experience in working with these types of business referrals and would be happy to supply you with further information regarding the relationships we can develop with you.