Discretionary Management

Working hard to achieve life’s goals never leaves much time to ensure your investments are updated and aligned with not just market trends, but your ever changing financial circumstances. That’s where we come in, specialist managers of investments. You may be experienced in matters of investment; this may be new to you. You may have created considerable wealth you would like to preserve; you may just be starting on that journey and need an experienced hand. CAM would like to work with you. We believe we are different, we believe our experience and desire to operate in the most open and trustworthy manner will see us build relationships lasting many years; generations even. We don’t offer advice, if you are considering our services we would recommend you seek the opinion of a qualified adviser first; however we also understand many of our clients like to make their own decisions. Therefore if you have decided a professional money manager is for you, talk to us and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised how easy we will make this process feel for you.

Model Portfolio Service

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, with different requirements and different attitudes as to how they would like their money managed. However, we do recognise that many clients would like a simple, cost effective and consistent approach to management where they know their investments are being handled with regular oversight; irrespective of their value. To achieve this we have created seven different risk rated portfolios that we call our Model Portfolio Service. Depending on what level of risk you wish to entertain we will invest into one of these portfolio’s, all of which are created, managed and monitored by our team and subject to oversight by our Investment Committee. Being invested with us in our MPS gives you the peace of mind that your assets are regularly reviewed and realigned as needed, you are not being forgotten and your portfolio is going stale and you are exposed not only to the right level of risk but a core selection of great ideas and opportunities.

Bespoke Portfolio Service

Some clients have very specific needs from their investments; maybe you are looking for consistent income to supplement pensions and other income streams or maybe you have more precise requirements such as taxation considerations, generational wealth needs, ongoing senior care or specialist home care requirements. You may even already have investments with other institutions and need us to manage some more directly focussed and specialist assets for you (see our Multi Asset Link here).

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is built around the fact that every client is unique. We take the time to understand each client’s particular circumstances and financial objectives, both today and for the longer term, before we make any investment decisions. In much the same way as the Model Portfolio Service we start by conducting an in-depth consultation to establish tolerance for risk, expected return, income requirements, tax position and any ethical views that need to be taken into account. Our aim is to build bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

Multi Asset Service

Multi Strategy is the technical research based portfolio offered by CAM. It builds bespoke technical driven managed portfolios for Professional individuals, family offices, pension funds and institutions. It is not currently available to Retail clients.

The team provide a managed account service using a multi-strategy technical indicator driven system that aims to take advantage of both rising and falling markets, whilst looking to minimise the deviation on the equity curve. With our managed account service, clients can benefit from the expertise of the teams experience and knowledge of trading in the FX, Equity and Commodities markets, whilst ensuring that the risk and volatility controls prevalent over all our portfolios are constantly brought to bear.

To learn more about this service please see our dedicated website here