About Us

Cadogan Asset Management was formed by three well established individuals who bring a combined total of nearly fifty years of experience in stockbroking and investment management to the firm.

The founders of CAM have long believed that managing money for clients creates both opportunity and responsibility. Opportunity for shared ideas and ideals, for building long term relationships, and responsibility for enabling clients to achieve their financial goals in a safe and transparent environment.

In an ever expanding and connected world - where the supply of information is endless - the menace of over complication or over engineering of strategies creates unnecessary risk and confusion for clients. It is our responsibility to ensure our business projects not just our core values and integrity, but also engages with our clients on a journey they understand and can follow.

  • We like simple solutions that clients understand.
  • We like practical solutions that clients can follow with knowledge.
  • We like well-considered transparent services that fully match our client’s objectives, today and for the future.

Cadogan, its founders and team, are committed to traditional values within our business, adapted for the modern world. We will only allow the highest standards of personal and professional integrity from ourselves and any individual that joins our company. Our relationships are built on open communication and mutual trust and whilst we cannot control the external environment, we can control how we conduct ourselves.

We believe that putting our clients first at all times is the only way to build a long term stable and successful business. Our clients will understand how their investments are being managed, exactly what it costs them for us to do this and be able to evaluate our performance using simple and easy to comprehend references.

We have, and continue too, embrace innovation that covers not just technology and markets, but also regulation; a key component of our business. It is not only vital for our business, but we believe clients expect more from our industry today than it has managed to deliver over the past years. The pace of development in the business of managing money will increase and we will be fully engaged in looking at how our clients can benefit from this new horizon.